Islamic Calligraphy and Quran Calligraphy for Wall Art and Décor

Our collection of Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy and Wall Art includes a variety of calligraphy from different verses of Quran and words used for prayers.

Both, the Quran Calligraphy and the Prayer Calligraphy, are handwritten with lots of details and attention. They also come with unique designs in different sizes. 

All our calligraphies are handwritten with bamboo reeds and ink. Our designs are a combination of calligraphy, art, and graphic which makes it very unique from others.

The designs are made by our diamond-handed calligraphers. Most of the designs and artwork takes several days to complete.

Here are a few examples of our work:

Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy

Also known as Verse of Throne (Arabic: آية الكرسي, Ayat Al-Kursi). is the 255th verse of the 2nd chapter of the Quran, Heifer (Q2:255). The verse speaks about how nothing and nobody is regarded to be comparable to Allah.

This is one of the best-known verses of the Quran and is widely memorized and displayed in the Muslim world. It is often recited to ward off jinn. [1]

We have calligraphed Ayatul Kursi in many different designs. The one showing here is a unique one which took our calligrapher 10 days to complete the project.

A phenomenal and master piece calligraphy art of Ayat-ul-Kursi. This calligraphy art is written in a combination of Kufic, Thulth, Shekasta, Naskh, Nastaliq, and Dewani calligraphy by EyeXcite.

Four Qul Surahs Calligraphy

There are four Qul surahs in Holy Quran. These are short surahs which are known as protection surahs.

These surahs are very commonly used among Muslim communities. We have calligraphed several times with amazing designs.

We have some in stock right now, you can get yours here.

Islamic Words Calligraphy

This master piece of Besmillah calligraphy is written in Thulth calligraphy by EyeXcite.

This collection includes words from Holy Quran and others used in the Islamic world. These collections are bismillah calligraphy, Allahu Akbar calligraphy, subhanallah calligraphy, and etc.

You can check them out here.

Which One to Choose?

It is up to you. You can get them all or you can choose one. Or you can have a custom order. All our products are made with lots of care and they bring a unique beauty to your living space or business area.

Our Islamic calligraphy art products can be used as a wall art and wall decoration in any space. They all come in different designs and sizes. Choose the one that perfectly fits your space.

Now if you are a collector, you can sign up using the form at the footer of the page to get discounts and also a sneak-peak on our upcoming products. We promise we will not spam you.

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