About Us

EyeXcite, established in 2022, is all about traditional calligraphy and art. We specialize in Islamic, Arabic, Oriental (Persian, Pashto, Urdu), and Western (English, Latin) calligraphy. Our calligraphy arts can be used as a wall art or décor in any space.

Our Mission

With today’s modern technology, the traditional handwritten calligraphy and hand-drawn arts are kind of melted-away and the computerized art has replaced it. We tend to bring you back the traditional calligraphy and art with the most authentic, beautiful, and unique design.

Our Service

EyeXcite artist writes a piece of story with hand.

Our calligraphy and arts are for people of any age and of any taste.

We print our calligraphy arts in posters in different sizes and designs which can be used as wall art or décor in any space.

In addition, our multi-talented artists can draw sketch or cartoon from any portrait and we print it on T-shirts, phone cases, and mugs.

Most of the accessory prints comes with a customized handwritten message which can be used as a perfect gift for yourself or your loved one.

You can also send us a custom text or a portrait, we hand-write or hand-draw it and print it for you.

We also do custom calligraphy for invitation cards, welcome banner, certificates, cover letters, etc. for your events such as wedding, birthday, conference, training, and etc. We also take special orders such as handwriting or calligraphy on stones for signs, gravestones, monuments, and etc. For that you have to reach out to us through contact page.

What Do We Use?

In short, we only use bamboo reed, ink, and a paper for calligraphy.

Not all reeds are good for calligraphy. We get ours from Asian countries and they need to be cut in certain way which only our calligraphers can do.

For other arts, we just use a pencil and a paper. Sometimes, other stationery such as watercolors.

We Are One Family

From taking orders to delivering the orders is all done through the same family. We do calligraphy, we draw arts, sketch and cartoons, we print, we package, we ship, and we deliver.

Who Are the Calligraphers and Artists?

Our calligraphers and artists have a combined 65 years of experience. They specialize in any type of calligraphy and pencil drawings.

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