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We are bringing you back the traditional calligraphy and art with spectacular designs. Our collection includes Islamic, Arabic, Oriental (Farsi, Pashto, Urdu), and Western (English, Latin) calligraphy.

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Try our beautiful and unique handmade calligraphy and arts on your favorite high quality clothing. Our clothings are comfortable and flattering for all.

From the people
From the people
An artistic piece that drowns people and wants to find something in it! It is written with golden fingers.
— Nader Sarferas, Germany
From the people
Marvelous work! May your writing flows and it creates such outstanding pieces!
— Nooria Sharif, Germany
From the people
Brilliant! Your artistic works are so much sophisticated and each shows a valuable creativity.
— Ahsan Kushkaki, USA
From the people
Your calligraphy arts are just a master piece!
— Nader Omar, Sweden
From the people
The Besmillah Calligraphy is written so artistic. May you keep creating such marvelous pieces!
— Atiq Panjshiri, USA

We Can Do Even More

Custom Calligraphy and Art

Send us your favorite quote, poem, holy verse, and etc., let us know your preference and select a size and color, we will create you the unique calligraphy art of your dream in less time.

Welcome Poster

EyeXcite can hand-write your welcoming board on your wedding or any other event. It will be written in old or traditional English calligraphy. Send us your name, information, and text.

Our Original Calligraphy Arts

Don't want the printed copies! Take a look at our original calligraphy arts. They all come with authentic signature of our artists and no embedded logo. It ships for free in the US or Canada.

Our calligraphy is the best

Pure Handmade Arts

This is exactly how our calligraphy arts are made

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We currently only serve the United States and Canada. We will soon start taking orders from all over the world.

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