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Why my printed product looks different than the one shown on the website?

We tried our best to
show the final product on our website. However, the colors used on the digital
image and the printed product are slightly different. Sometimes, the difference
is noticeable.

Do you take custom orders for calligraphy arts?

Yes. We take custom orders
for Islamic calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy, Farsi calligraphy, English
calligraphy, and more. We can hand-made in different fonts such as Naskh,
Nastaliq, Shekasta, Thulth, Old or Traditional English, Gothic, etc.

Why the calligraphy art products look different than their original ones?

To prepare the
product for digital prints, we computerize the calligraphy art. We also modify
the colors and shapes for better print quality.

Why the prices are different every day?

Our prices are based
on USD. However, we use daily rate conversion to show prices in different currencies
such as CAD.

How long is the processing time and shipping time?

Each order for
standard products takes up to 24 hours for processing. The shipping time varies
by product and by shipping address. Usually, it takes 5-7 business days. For
custom orders, the processing time differs by the order type. The custom
cartoon can take up to 48 hours, but the calligraphy arts can take more.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all the
major credit card companies. It is shown on the footer of each page.

Can I cancel my order?

Since our orders are automatically
handled by a 3rd-party vendor, we do not offer cancellation right
now. Soon, we will start allowing you to cancel your order.


Where do you ship?

Currently we only
ship to the US and Canada. Soon we will start shipping to Europe and Australia.

What is your shipping policy?

You can find our shipping policy here.

How long does the shipping takes?

The shipping usually
takes 5-7 days in the US and Canada on most of our products. However, it also
depends on the type of order and availability in your region.

Do I get a tracking code for shipment?

Yes, once the order
is shipped, we will send you a tracking code.

My tracking code shows delivered, but I have not received it?

Please contact us, we will confirm it with the shipping company.

My order is stolen or lost form my door, what should I do?

Unfortunately, we do not
provide a refund or exchange for a stolen or lost order.

Why I am charged custom and duties?

Most of our products
are based in the US and when shipped internationally, the customer might be
charged for the customs and duties fee.

Return and Exchange

What is your return/refund policy?

You can read about our return, return or exchange policy here.

I do not like my order, can I return/exchange it?

Our calligraphy art
products, including the original ones, do not qualify for a refund, return, or
exchange due to the collective nature of the product.

I received my product damaged, what should I do?

Please send us a
message through the contact page. We may ask for additional information and
pictures. Upon fully examining your claim, we will notify you as to whether you
are entitled to a refund or a replacement because of the damage.

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