As native Farsi speakers, our calligraphers specialize in Farsi Calligraphy. We have a variety of Farsi Calligraphy collection which is handwritten in different fonts and different sizes.

Now our collections are not limited to Farsi only, you can check out our English Calligraphy collection, Arabic Calligraphy collection, Islamic Calligraphy collection, and others.

Most of the fonts used in Farsi can also be used in Urdu Calligraphy. Click here if you want to put a custom order.

A beautiful Farsi Calligraphy for wall art written by Ahmad Fahim Hakim from EyeXcite.

What Type of Collection Does Our Farsi Calligraphy Include?

You guess it, we have it! If not, we make it for you.

Our Farsi calligraphy collection includes beautiful Farsi poems by famous poets, famous quotes, instructive anecdote, short stories, proverbs, and etc.

All our calligraphy arts come in different sizes.

How Do We Make Our Calligraphy Art Products?

We use reed and bamboo writing our calligraphies including the Farsi calligraphy.

We use a specialized bamboo reed, ink, paper, and the talent of our calligraphers to bring you the most authentic and beautiful calligraphy which you can use for a wall art or decoration in your home or business.

Our designs are a combination of calligraphy, art, and graphic which makes it very unique from others.

The designs are made by our diamond-handed calligraphers. Most of the designs and artwork takes several days to complete.

What Type of Calligraphy Writing (Font) We Use?

There are hundreds of fonts which can be used for Farsi Calligraphy. Our calligraphers are perfect with them all.

Most of our products come in common font which are Naskh Calligraphy, Nastaliq Calligraphy, Thulth Calligraphy, Kufic Calligraphy, Shekast or Cursive Calligraphy, and much much more.


A Farsi Calligraphy of a Bedil Poem by Ahmad Fahim Hakim from EyeXcite.

Which One to Choose?

It is up to you. You can get them all or you can choose one. Or you can have a custom order. All our products are made with lots of care and they bring a unique beauty to your living space or business area.

Our beautiful calligraphy art products can be used as a wall art and wall decoration in any space. They all come in different designs and sizes. Choose the one that perfectly fits your space.

Now if you are a collector, you can sign up here to get a 10% discount on every product.

We also offer the original product which comes with our calligrapher’s authentic signature. Check out the original ones here.

Our calligraphy art is pure, authentic, traditional, and classic. Get one for your home or business and make yourself unique from others.
April 10, 2022 — Sam Hakim

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